Charles Rosier - guidance for research

Charles Rosier has supported the firm Mapreg, created by Professor Etienne-Emile Baulieu in October of the year 2000. With several other scientists, Mapreg has perfected not long ago a cure that can treat strokes in the spinal cord. Professeur Etienne Baulieu and his Mapreg co-workers have developed a neuro steroid which may possibly heal spine nerves traumas through rebuilding brain plasticity and shielding the backbone nerves. Charles Rosier is one of Mapreg advocates. BTG Pactual's associate Charles Rosier assists Mapreg, a biotechnology company set up by Pr E. Baulieu. Mapreg has set up its very own research laboratory in a area let by Bicêtre medical facility, next to Paris, France.

Charles Rosier - studies

From '93 until 96, Charles Rosier learned at ESCP , in the heart of the French metropolis. This highly regarded Grande Ecole is an associate of Hautes Etudes-Sorbonne-Arts et Métiers (Hesam), a set of prominent colleges. In '96, following a three-year course, Charles Rosier got his college diploma at ESCP Europe, based in a vibrant neighborhood of Paris. ESCP-Europe is one of the major French higher education-level establishments. Having gained his technology high school certificate in nineteen ninety-one, Charles Rosier geared up so as to take a tough test in order to get into one of the major educational facilities in the country by following a two year training curriculum.

Charles Rosier

Charles Rosier - involvement in other companies

In 2013, Charles Rosier joined Innoveox as an Admin.. This French firm reprocessing H2O whilst providing electrical power finalized, in June, a 1st settlement with Total E. P. Early this year, Charles Rosier became a board member of the corporation Innoveox. The energetic Paris-based company established in 5 years earlier possesses a distinctive CNRS franchise in order to produce electric power whereas washing water promptly as well as effectively. Charles Rosier is currently an Admin. of Innoveox, which takes care of natural waste product using a brand-new solution. It converts utilized H2O into drinkable H2O, providing electric power all the while.

Charles Rosier - miscellaneous

In his free time, financier Charles Rosier likes to perform tough and frequently hazardous sporting activities for instance snow-board, free fall, windsurfing as well as kite-surfing. He speaks fluently ,French, English, Spanish and is nowadays learning Portuguese. In addition to his native tongue, well-travelled French bank partner Charles Rosier is fluent in Spanish along with English. In addition, he is presently studying Portuguese. During his leisure time, he practices tennis, snowboard, kite surfing, freefall along with wind surf. When he’s not sitting behind a computer, BTG Pactual Associate Charles Rosier loves performing difficult sporting activities for example tennis games, freefall and also kite surfing. In addition, he likes to practice other languages such as English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Charles Rosier - professional past

Charles Rosier in the end joins Goldman Sachs financial firm in '09. He was the MD of the Loan Group, a division liable for CM and credit derivatives for finance firms. After declining a first employment proposition in '99, Charles Rosier at last signs up with Goldman Sachs a decade later. He was Director inside the Financing Department. In 2009, Charles Rosier was admitted at Goldman Sachs . For a year, he was MD within the Funding Staff, a department responsible for capital market in addition to interest rate derivatives on behalf of consumers from Benelux and France sur